Press Release Marion Posner & Kate Vachon

Tamworth’s Marion Posner & Kate Vachon bring light-hearted entertainment to the Corner House on Dec. 8!

Marion Posner and Kate Vachon join forces, often with hilarious results, at the Corner House Inn’s Storytelling Dinner Program on Thursday evening, Dec. 8th. 
Marion Posner, born in Tamworth but raised in the British Isles, and Kate Vachon, transplanted to Tamworth from Brooklyn, NY, started performing together a decade ago. 

Marion spins stories that are rooted, some more firmly than others, in her British upbringing. Kate originally joined her to provide “a little background music” on the flute, and has since branched out in many noisy directions, including an occasional turn on the turkey baster. 

Their December performance will include a true story of misadventures personal and automotive on a wet and wintry evening in the North English countryside, a vignette that features an adventurous priest and his relationship with the 
Almighty, and two seasonal tales that will take you from pathos to hilarity (one requires audience participation!).  Join Marion and Kate for a uniquely entertaining evening of stories on Thursday, March 24th. Thursday Storytelling Dinners begin at 6:30 pm. The price is $21.95 per person. For more information and reservations contact the Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich at 284-6219 or on line at .

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