Storytelling Gala 2017

May 25 Storytelling Gala Dinner 

End-of-season Storytelling Gala at Corner House

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On Thursday evening, May 25th, the Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich will mark the conclusion of their 29th season of Storytelling Dinners with a Storytelling Gala. Five different storytellers will be on hand, spinning yarns after dinner. Appearing on the program will be storytellers Andy Davis, Lauretta Phillips, Debra Ballou, Bob Reiser, and Simon Brooks.

Don’t miss this entertaining smorgasbord of storytellers and tales on Thursday, May 25th at the Corner House Inn! The Storytelling Dinner begins at 6:30 PM, and the cost is only $21.95 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Gala evenings are always popular, and advance reservations are highly recommended!

For more information about this program and other storytelling evenings contact the Corner House in Center Sandwich at 284-6219, or online at
Hailing originally from the UK, storyteller Simon Brooks has been thrilling folks with traditional tales for almost 30 years. Traveling most places with his bodhràn, transfixing people with his voice, Simon gives folks an understanding of the magic inherent in a story powerfully told. Simon's telling can be funny and it can be poignant.
White Mountain storyteller Andy Davis has entertained audiences as far east as Paris, as far south as Bamako, and as far west as San Diego. Davis roams the northern woods with a quiver of tales that include equal parts magical realism, personal experience and multicultural folklore. His varied repertoire includes tales of youthful indiscretion and footloose adventure, multicultural folktales and tales of folk background with an original twist.
Colorful storyteller and author Lauretta Phillips' sense of humor and her delight in the story always makes for a fun and exciting evening. A storyteller since 1987, she writes most of the stories she tells and her repertoire includes folk takes, fairy tales, legends, urban tales, tall tales, small tales, cat tales, rat tales and just plain tales.
Called one of the “120 best living English-speaking storytellers” in Storytellers by Mcfarland Press, Brooklyn-born Bob Reiser has performed original works and tales from around the world and has been a featured teller at festivals from NYC to Vancouver, Canada. Bob’s repertoire includes original zany fables and personal tales of growing-up in Brooklyn - finding joy, pain and laughter in some of life’s most awkward and silly situations. 
Arthur Surette, a captivating and powerful storyteller (and darned good songwriter) will be appearing at the Corner House Inn's Story Telling Dinner Program on Thursday, Jan. 19th. Arthur is a born storyteller, though he says he had to give it up in his younger days since ten year old storytellers are often mistaken for liars. After wandering in the wilderness for forty years, he came to New Hampshire in 1989, felt an immediate spiritual connection to the place and never left. A keen observer of nature, both human and otherwise, his original stories and songs encompass everything from politics to four-legged chickens, and are a celebration of the human spirit, warts and all. Arthur recently spent some time with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota. We look forward to his sharing the experiences of his journey.
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